SKU: LO-5203-SI
GTIN: 0825096028857

An SD entrance lock with a key is a reliable and common security solution for doors, whether in residential or commercial settings. These locks are designed to provide access control and enhanced security by requiring a key for operation. They are a fundamental component of the overall security infrastructure in buildings, providing peace of mind and protection against unauthorized access.

SD entrance locks with keys typically come in various designs and are suitable for different types of doors, such as wooden, metal, or glass doors. They offer ease of use while ensuring that only authorized individuals can enter the premises. These locks are often equipped with a cylinder mechanism that can be turned with the corresponding key, either on one or both sides of the door, depending on the specific design.

In addition to their basic functionality, modern SD entrance locks often feature enhanced security features, such as anti-pick or anti-drill mechanisms, and can be integrated into access control systems. Whether it's for the front door of a home, an office, or a retail store, an SD entrance lock with a key is a versatile and effective means of securing entry points while maintaining convenience for those with the proper access.

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