[EXP DATE: 2026]
SKU: BA-1519
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Panasonic Super Heavy Duty Power batteries were developed for the value minded consumer and are a great option for low drain devices. These Super Heavy Duty Power batteries feature Carbon Zinc chemistry which is ideal for use in wall and desk clocks, remote controls, and other low drain devices.  These batteries are also Mercury Free. Used in  Wall clock, TV remote, RC toy car, etc.

The Panasonic AA 4-pack consists of four high-performance AA batteries from the reputable electronics manufacturer, Panasonic. These heavy duty batteries are a reliable and durable power source for various everyday devices, including remote controls, digital cameras, toys, and more. Designed to deliver consistent and long-lasting energy, these batteries are a popular choice for both household and professional use. With Panasonic's renowned commitment to quality and performance, the AA 4-pack ensures your devices run smoothly and reliably, making it a convenient and dependable choice for all your battery-powered needs.

Products specifications
Brand NamePanasonic
Voltage1.5 V
TypeAA - 4 batteries
Protects PowerUpto 4 years when unused and stored properly
No of items in Case48

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