SKU: HH-20569
GTIN: 0825096030898

SD corner braces 2"" refers to a type of hardware or fastener used in construction and woodworking. These corner braces are typically made of metal (often steel or stainless steel) and are designed to strengthen and reinforce the corners of various structures, such as wooden frames, furniture, cabinets, and more. They are typically L-shaped, with a 90-degree angle, and they are used to connect or reinforce two perpendicular pieces of material, like two pieces of wood.

The "2"" measurement indicates the length of each side of the L-shaped brace, meaning that each leg of the brace is 2 inches long. These braces are commonly used to add stability and support to right angles and can be useful in various DIY projects and construction applications. You can find them at hardware stores or online retailers in different sizes and materials to suit your specific needs.

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