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Q-Tips Cotton Swabs are a staple in any household, providing a safe and convenient way to clean, apply or remove various products. These versatile swabs have a variety of uses, from cleaning hard-to-reach places, applying makeup, or removing nail polish.

This pack contains 750 cotton swabs, each with a soft and gentle cotton tip that's perfect for sensitive skin. The swabs are made with 100% pure cotton and feature a sturdy and flexible stick for easy handling and control.

Whether you're using them for personal hygiene or household cleaning, Q-Tips Cotton Swabs are a must-have item. The swabs are conveniently packaged in a durable plastic container, making them easy to store and access when you need them.

The Q-Tips brand has been trusted by generations for their high-quality and reliable products. These cotton swabs are no exception, and are perfect for use in homes, offices, and even for travel.

Products specifications
Brand NameQ-Tips
Number of Items750
No of items in Case12

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