SKU: LO-5205-SI
GTIN: 0825096028895

* Passage door knobs with no lock can be used in conjunction with a deadbolt for a locking door or allows for easy access in places like closets, kitchens, garage or anywhere a lock is not needed for privacy or security.

* They can be great for kids rooms or bathrooms that small kids often use. We've all seen a toddler lock a door from the inside and panic when they can't figure out how to unlock it. 

* SD passage door knobs are affordable enough that you can swap out the knobs for bathrooms and bedrooms that kids use and swap them back once kids are old enough to know how to use a privacy lock.

* Door hardware is an important part of function in your home. SD door knob sets work smoothly, efficiently, and securely, ensuring long-lasting performance.

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