SKU: LF-20619C
GTIN: 0825096031390

Introducing the SCENT CANDLE METAL JAR 3, a luxurious addition to your home decor and ambiance. This stunning metal jar candle boasts a rich, warm aroma that instantly transports you to a place of tranquility and relaxation. Made with high-quality, natural ingredients, this candle is designed to provide you with an exceptional sensory experience that soothes and invigorates your senses.

The SCENT CANDLE METAL JAR 3 is hand-poured by expert artisans, ensuring that each candle is unique and exquisite in its own right. The metal jar provides a stylish and sophisticated touch to any space, whether it's your living room, bedroom, or office. The jar is also reusable, making it an eco-friendly option for those who are conscious about the environment.

This candle has a burn time of up to 50 hours, giving you hours of indulgent relaxation and peacefulness. The scent is strong enough to fill even the largest of rooms, yet subtle enough to not overpower your senses. The high-quality soy wax and premium fragrance oils make this candle an ideal gift for someone special, or as a treat for yourself. Add a touch of luxury to your life with the SCENT CANDLE METAL JAR 3.

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