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Royale® Tissue Products are Carbon Neutral.

You know you can trust Royale products for quality, but you may not know that the Royale brand is part of an organization that has planted more than one billion trees since 1957 and plants millions of trees each year in responsibly managed forests. Royale bathroom tissues, facial tissues, paper towel and napkins are carbon neutral. You can trust Royale as a carbon neutral choice, without compromising quality.
• Royale® Velour 3-Ply facial tissue is Velvety Soft®, 3-Ply strong, and carbon neutral*, too. That’s why so many people reach for it when they need comfort from cold symptoms and allergy flare-ups. It’s a quality choice for your whole family without compromise.

• Be prepared during cold & flu season, allergy season, back-to-school and holidays with Royale Velour 3ply Soft and strong facial tissue you can depend on

• Royale® Tissue Products are Carbon Neutral. Each year, forests we manage remove more carbon than is emitted in the lifecycle of Royale® tissue products. For more information please visit www.Royale/

• Royale Velour 3 Ply offers great value with 12 boxes of tissues, 88 sheets per tissue box delivering 1056 tissue sheets in total

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