SKU: BA-18288
GTIN: 0073096700369

EXP: 08.2033

  • LITHIUM CELL BATTERY: Known as the CR-P2, this battery is a popular Photo lithium cell that's commonly used to power cameras, electronic locks, flashlights and more.
  • HIGH-QUALITY BATTERY: Made with lithium, cobalt, carbon, and other metals, these batteries boast an output voltage of 6V. They're high quality and built to last.
  • REPLACEMENT PACK: This is a high-powered battery that can be used as an effective replacement for 2CR-P2 PC223 DL223A cells and others. These powerful lithium batteries are a great alternative to low-powered batteries.
  • CROSS-REFERENCE: Before ordering this battery backup pack, be sure to check that the product is compatible with the battery's chemistry, size, and voltage.
  • REPLACEMENT BATTERIES: This backup battery is great for household uses, industrial tools, and many more applications. Add it to your electronic supplies today so you can always have replacement batteries when you need them.

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