SKU: LF-17432
GTIN: 3057067626329

OCB Bamboo Slim Tips Unbleached Rolling Papers are an eco-friendly and sustainable choice for smokers who prefer a natural and unbleached experience. Made from organic bamboo, these slim tips are unbleached and unrefined, giving you a pure and natural smoking experience without any harsh chemicals or additives.

These rolling papers come in a convenient roll that can be easily torn off to the desired length, making it easy to customize your smoking experience. The slim design ensures that the tips fit perfectly into any rolling paper, giving you a tight and secure roll every time.

Not only are these OCB Bamboo Slim Tips environmentally friendly, they also help to reduce the amount of waste generated by smoking. By using a reusable and sustainable option, you can enjoy your smoking experience without contributing to the accumulation of harmful waste.

Whether you're a casual smoker or a seasoned smoker, OCB Bamboo Slim Tips Unbleached Rolling Papers are a must-try for anyone who values a natural and sustainable smoking experience.

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