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SKU: BA-1540B3
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Maxell is the first company in Japan to successfully market button-type silver oxide batteries and has many years of experience and know-how.

Button-type silver oxide batteries such as this 303 battery are characterized by high-energy per unit volume and stable operating voltage.

As a result, they are used as a power source for applications such as quartz watches, and in recent years their use has expanded to medical devices and BLE devices. This Maxell battery is ideal for 303 battery replacement.

Maxell 303 battery (SR44W) works in: watches, computers, keyless entry devices, calculators, hearing aid devices, garage door openers, toys, games, door chimes, pet collars, LED lights, sporting goods, pedometers, calorie counters, stopwatches, industrial, medical and electronic devices.

Equivalent Batteries: 303, D303, 303-1, 303(9), V303(521), SBA9, 280-08, SR1154SW

Products specifications
Brand NameMaxell
TypeCoin Button Battery
Voltage1.55 V
Product Dimensions11.6mm diameter X 5.4mm height
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