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GTIN: 6954259199845

Introducing the Marker 3PK in a versatile combination of classic colors: Black, Blue, and Red. Whether you're a student, artist, or professional, these markers are an essential tool for all your writing, drawing, and highlighting needs. With their smooth and consistent ink flow, you can achieve precise and vibrant results every time.

This 3-pack includes three essential colors that will cover all your marking needs. The timeless Black marker is perfect for creating bold lines, outlining, and adding emphasis to important points. The Blue marker is ideal for underlining, writing notes, or adding a touch of color to your projects. The Red marker stands out, making it great for correcting errors, grading papers, or drawing attention to key information. With this diverse selection of colors, you'll have the perfect marker for every task.

The Marker 3PK is designed with a comfortable grip, allowing you to write or draw for extended periods without hand fatigue. The durable tips ensure consistent lines without smudging or bleeding through the paper. Whether you're working on paper, cardboard, or whiteboards, these markers provide excellent coverage and precision, making them suitable for various surfaces.

These markers are not only functional but also long-lasting. The high-quality ink is fade-resistant, ensuring that your work remains vibrant and readable for a long time. With the 3-pack, you'll always have spare markers on hand, eliminating the worry of running out during crucial moments. The compact and portable design makes them convenient to carry in your backpack, pencil case, or office drawer.

Upgrade your writing and drawing experience with the Marker 3PK in Black, Blue, and Red. From note-taking to artwork, these markers offer versatility and reliability. Add a pop of color, highlight essential details, and create precise lines with ease. Don't settle for ordinary markers; choose the Marker 3PK for exceptional quality and performance.

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