LAUNDRY BASKET [16'' x 19'']

SKU: HH-21295
GTIN: HH-21295
  • Canvas
  • Foldable laundry basket-- the laundry hamper provides attractive and lightweight solution to many storage needs such as clothing storage, especially for underwear, socks, bra, etc.
  • Underwear storage organizer-- a premium laundry hamper bucket, and durable.
  • Large collapsible laundry baskets-- this laundry washing bin can be quickly folded flat for storage when not in use, so you get the most use of every space.
  • Space saving storage organizer-- the stylish design makes it not just a laundry basket, but also a furniture ornament.
  • Kids laundry baskets-- perfect for laundry room, bedroom, bathroom, walk-in closet, dorm, etc.
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