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GTIN: 0825096031772

Tabletop Impulse Heat Sealer -Instantly use, No warm up time needed, Lightweight Design.8 stalls temperature adjust impulse manual hand bag sealer to meet any any different types of plastic packaging bags.

Manual Impulse Sealer: Built-in fuse for safe using, Safe and Easy to use and to clean,ideal for household, retail, produce, grocery Stores, and industrial sealing with a certain quality superiority.An impulse sealer can save your business time and money.

Easy operation:Place the bag on the original seal, after the seal is completed, the red light will go out. Press and hold the handle for 2-3.5 seconds to achieve the best sealing effect. Do not use a damp cloth to clean the surface of the heat seal.

To adjust the temperature what you need when using it for the first time. Keep the handle pressed down for 2-3 seconds to get seals optimal results.

The red light is not predictable when plug into the power. It is only predictable when keep the handle pressed down on bottom.

Keep the sealer's surface clean to avoid the oxidation of the residue which will reduce the life of the heat sealing strip.

Max sealing thickness: 13.5mil
Recommended Max sealing thickness:10mil = 0.254mm
3.5-4.5/temperate grade for---10mil=0.254mm
4.5-5.5/ temperate grade for---11mil=0.2794mm
5.5-6.5/temperate grade for---12mil=0.3048mm
6.5-8/temperate grade for---13.5mil=0.3429mm

Products specifications
Size300 mm
Voltage110 V
Wattage350 Watts
Heat Time1.5-3.5 sec
No of items in Case10

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