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 Essential item to have in every household. Provides Excellent Heat Therapy to releave colds, aches, pains and strains and aides with extra comfort to fall asleep faster after a long stressful day.

Our hot Water Bottle is designed with Ribbed Surface on both sides to help retain Heat for longer period than traditional silicone hot water bottles.

Durable, leak-proof and Long Lasting. Designed to safely withstand body pressure if sleeping on the bag.

Safe for adults and kids. Extra layer of material can be wrapped around the bottle for babies too. 

This hot water bottle measures 6.75"L x 12.25"H x 1"W in dimensions and holds close to 2L of water.

Designed with high-quality rubber to provide gentle and prolonged heat transfer, while the soft plush fabric protects you from burns.

Make excellent gift item for seniors, busy moms and dads, sport enthusiasts, professionals with intensive physical labour activities, such as teachers, hospital, and kitchen staff, etc.

Exercise caution by following these steps:
1- Only use water under 90 degrees C
2- Do not over fill the bag. Only use 2/3 capacity
3- Gently press bag to release air, before securing the bag with stopper
4- Wrap with additional material such as flannel or cotton to prevent from burns, especially around children, babies and pets.
5- Refrain from using near sharp, prickly items to prevent from bag from puncturing.
6- Gently squeeze sealed bag to check for leaks.
7- Keep away from direct sunshine for prolonged period.

Products specifications
No of items in Case70
Size12" x 6.75" x 1"

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