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The glass wiper is a convenient cleaning tool with a sponge and squeegee in one place. It can be stretched from approx. 19.7 to 31.5 inches (50 to 80 cm). It can be easily used in high places such as bathroom walls, windows, cleaning screen doors, etc. Lightweight and can be used by children, women and the elderly

Easy to use, first remove dirt and pollen from tiles and windows with a sponge and wash with water. Wipe off excess bubbles and moisture with a scooper. By wiping away moisture, you can expect to prevent mold. You can clean it without leaving any trapped water spots, making it shiny, making cleaning glass cleaning a breeze

Useful for working in high places such as bathroom walls and windows, as well as washing cars and bathroom floor cleaning.

If you are concerned about condensation on your window, simply wipe the moisture with a dry sponge and wipe it off with a scooper. No rags or dish towels required. Soft sponge and rubber scooper prevent scratches on the cleaning surface, also can be used to clean your car

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