SKU: KA-9379
GTIN: 6950406503268

Maximize The Use Of Storage Space: more counter space is created and the area looks neat! It can not only hold fruits, but also can be used as storage or decoration.

Product Analysis: round edges, translucent crystals, after more than ten ripening procedures, fine, no impurities, high purity, using one-piece molding process.

Size: The normal size is suitable for all families perfectly decorate dining room or dining table.

Features And Ease Of Use: After solubility at high temperatures, it reacts with oxygen to become glass, mainly to increase the transparency and hardness of the glass.

No Matter What The Occasion: Whether it is daily use or more festive occasions as a festive bowl, the glass bowl leaves a deep impression in every situation that should not be missing in any tableware collection. In addition, it can also be used as a decorative bowl.

Products specifications
No of items in Case24
Product Dimensions10"

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