SKU: BA-17522
GTIN: 0041333661124

Ion Speed Battery Charger: The Duracell Ion Speed 1000 NiMH Battery Charger will recharge your batteries in 4-8 hours* with 1000 mW** of charging power.

Charges in 4-8 hours*: With 1000 mW** charge power, Duracell Ion Speed Battery recharges batteries in 4 to 8 hours.

Auto Shutoff: Duracell Ion Speed Battery Charger has an Auto Shutoff feature, so you won’t use any unnecessary electricity.

Multi-battery Charge Power: Recharge 2 or 4 batteries at a single time with the Duracell Ion Speed Battery Charger

Products specifications
Brand NameDuracell
TypeAA battery charger
Special FeaturesCharging time 8 hrs

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