SKU: BA-17518
GTIN: 0041333177090

The Duracell D377 is a silver oxide button cell that will be a perfect fit for everyday household items, from digital thermometers, hearing aids, or glucometers.

The D377 has a low self-discharge and, like all silver oxide button cells, maintains a stable output voltage during its service life.

Plus, with the ability to operate in a vast variety of temperatures, the D377 is ideal for people living in any type of climate.

Cross reference: 376, 377, BA, Timex, BA D377, MA, SP377, S32, SR66, SR626W, SR626SW, Seiko SB-AW, Citizen 280-39

Equivalent Batteries: 1176SO, 376, 376/377, 377, 606, 9933, AWI S27, AWI S32, B-337L, BA, Citizen 280-39, D377, KS377, LR626, R377/37, SP377, SR626, SR626SW, SR66, Seiko SB-AW, Timex BA, V377, V565

Products specifications
Brand NameDuracell
TypeRefurbished/ Renewed
Voltage1.55 V
Product Dimensions6.8mm diameter x 2.6mm height

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