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SKU: LF-18037
GTIN: 0091585042912
  • COLLECTION: Our lighter comes in different solid colors to suit your taste, there are 4 different colors in a display of 48 units.
  • PACKING TOOL: This model is popular for its unique packing tool and a hexagonal flint for easy use. The Flint arm can be used as a very convenient packing tool while on-the go.
  • REUSABLE & REFILLABLE: Each Clipper Reusable Lighter is refillable, completely wind and water resistant, and comes with an adjustable flame switch. Whether you're a BBQ Master or just love to show off, it'll be sure to impress at festivals and parties of all kinds!
  • CLIPPER ADVANTAGE: Safe, convenient, and lasts as long as you own your Clipper. Refillable from Gas, Flint & Flint System and enjoy an endless amount of lights!. This lighter had a "fixed flame system" ensuring a stable flame for the life of the lighter. The 30mm standard height flame mean you can light easily with Clipper!
  • BRAND: Clipper was founded in 1959 and has been a pioneer manufacturer of reusable lighters. rigorous design controls and continuous quality improvement have made us one of the world's leading innovative lighter brands. Our products have earned a strong reputation for being dependable, easy to use and visually appealing. We have dozens of combination lighters that are perfect for every occasion with hundreds of designs to choose from.

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