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SKU: LF-18411
GTIN: 0091585044527
  • COLLECTION: Our iconic CP11 lighter displays of 48 units, comes in various solid colors and designs to suit your taste.
  • MATERIAL: Highest performance plastic material, Nylon: flexible, resistant to impact and high temperatures, non crackable, and self-extinguishable
  • STYLE: Clipper Reusable lighters are known for their classic and sleek design. Clipper Solid Assorted Colors Collection lighters are displayed in eight different colors, making it easy to find a lighter that fits your personal style.
  • CLIPPER ADVANTAGE: Safe, convenient, and lasts as long as you own your Clipper. Refillable from Gas, Flint & Flint System and enjoy an endless amount of lights!. This lighter had a "fixed flame system" ensuring a stable flame for the life of the lighter. The 30mm standard height flame mean you can light easily with Clipper
  • Clipper present four creative designs of the iconic weed leaves, bursting with vibrant hues and whimsical paint splatters in the backdrop. 

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