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SKU: LF-18432
GTIN: 0091585040925
  • COLLECTION: The CMP11 Classic Metal collection is one of the most elegant lighters, available in Gold, Silver, Rose Gold, Sunset and Icy Metal finish for an eye catching look that’s sure to set you apart!
  • USE: This collection is designed for you to enjoy quality flame source that will provide years of dependable use. This is one of our most popular classically styled lighters and makes an excellent gift for any occasion.
  • PACKING TOOL: This model is popular for its unique packing tool and a hexagonal flint for easy use. The Flint arm can be used as a very convenient packing tool while on-the go.
  • CLIPPER ADVANTAGE: Safe, convenient, and lasts as long as you own your Clipper. Refillable from Gas, Flint & Flint System and enjoy an endless amount of lights!. This lighter had a "fixed flame system" ensuring a stable flame for the life of the lighter. The 30mm standard height flame mean you can light easily with Clipper!

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