SKU: HH-20593
GTIN: 0825096031130

* Clear Drawer Organizer: Simplify and streamline your storage with our Clear Drawer Organizer, designed to bring order to your drawers in a sleek and transparent manner.

* Compact Size: With dimensions of 15*15*5 CM, this organizer is perfectly sized to fit into various drawers, providing a neat solution for keeping small items in order.

* Transparent Design: The clear construction allows for easy visibility of contents, making it simple to locate and access items without the need to rummage through drawers.

* Versatile Use: Ideal for organizing a variety of items such as office supplies, utensils, cosmetics, and more. Its versatile design suits various settings, from the kitchen to the office.

* Durable Material: Crafted from high-quality, durable plastic, the clear drawer organizer ensures longevity and withstands daily use.

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