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A fat free candy Sodium free Cholesterol free Peanut free Gluten free Natural and artificial flavours Fluffies® This Bag Contains One or More of 4 Assorted Flavours The 1893 World's Fair introduced North America to a sweet new sensation... cotton candy. The product was an immediate hit, but because it was packaged in a cardboard box, it had a short shelf life and could not leave the fair. Future years saw cotton candy grow in popularity at fairs, carnivals, circuses and other festive venues... but these were the only places to obtain fresh product. Finally, the world's craving for a cotton candy that was fresh, multi-flavoured and available anytime of the year was satisified. Today there is a product that delivers the tastes and textures of traditional cotton candy. It's called FLUFFY STUFF and it comes in a unique moisture-proof bag. So relax and enjoy FLUFFY STUFF cotton candy any place, anytime you feel like an old-fashioned carnival of candy flavour!


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