SKU: HH-18599
GTIN: 0060534840138

Briggs & Stratton stands out with their Gasoline Fuel Can – a powerhouse in efficiency and convenience. This 1+ gallon red gas can catch the eye with its vibrant design but is also a game-changer in fueling experiences. Featuring Precision Flow Control, it caters to both limited and large-capacity tanks, ensuring a seamless and mess-free refueling process.

Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, this gasoline container boasts durable and professional-grade construction. The ergonomic grip handle adds a touch of sophistication and enhances user comfort. The Briggs & Stratton Gas Can is more than just a fuel storage device; it's a reliable companion built to withstand the demands of your refueling needs, offering longevity and sturdiness in every drop.


  • Precision Flow Control: Optimize your fueling experience with Briggs & Stratton's Gasoline Fuel Can – 1+ Gallon Red. Achieve precision flow control for both limited and large-capacity tanks, ensuring efficient and mess-free refueling every time.
  • Durable Professional Grade Construction: Engineered for durability and professionalism, our gasoline container is constructed with high-quality materials. The ergonomic grip handle enhances comfort during use, providing a reliable and sturdy solution for fuel storage needs.
  • Self-contained Spill-proof System: Experience peace of mind with our self-contained spill-proof system. The gas can spout replacement, designed for ease of use, features an auto shut-off mechanism, preventing spills and promoting safety during fueling operations.
  • Versatile 1 Gallon Gas Can: Meet your fueling requirements using our 1-gallon gas can. Perfect for various applications, this gas can is versatile and designed to accommodate diesel fuel, making it an essential tool for all your refueling needs.
  • Easy Operation: Simplify your refueling tasks with Briggs & Stratton's Gas Can. The gas can spout ensures an easy operation, allowing for a hassle-free and efficient fueling process. Upgrade to a reliable gasoline fuel can that meets your expectations and exceeds industry standards.

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